UiPath Integrations

Partner Journey

Partner journey steps through UTPP ( UiPath Technology Partner Program ), from Registered tier to becoming Premium Technology Partner.

For full program details, please consult the UTPP Guidebook here

Technology Partner Journey Map Through UTPP

As a Registered Technology Partner, your journey has just started.
In order to advance and benefit from our Technology Partnership program, there are several assets that you have access to UiPath Resources that include:
1) UiPath Platform
2) Forum and Community Support
3) UiPath RPA Academy
4) Enterprise Beta Program

How to become Certified UiPath Technology Partner

To become a Certified Technology Partner, you need to contribute with two main requirements:

1) Create a solution with our product and publish it on UiPath Go! platform
To help you create it, you have full documentation at Integrating with UiPath including:

2) Academy Certified member
At least one employee from Technology partner should go through RPA Academy training on:
Level 1 – Foundation Training – revamped ( mandatory )
Level 2 Orchestrator ( recommended )

How to become Premium UiPath Technology Partner

In order to level up your partnership tier and become a Premium Technology partner, you are invited to complete several requirements by leveraging all the resources that UiPath makes available for our Technology partners through the Program.

1) More solutions published on UiPath Go! platform
2) Ensure 4+ stars and minimum 1,000 downloads on the generated content on UiPath Go!
3) Provide use case / case study
4) Influence revenue for UiPath ( over $50K / year )
5) At least 2 reviews on Beta Builds, as being part of the Beta program