UiPath Integrations

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UiPath Platform

Steps to download UiPath Platform

  1. UiPath Studio & Robot: Click here to download
  2. UiPath Orchestrator: You may use our shared community edition of Orchestrator at https://platform.uipath.com, which supports 2 robots per tenant. Use the Become a Tenant button to create an account.

*If you would prefer a private instance of Orchestrator, contact us for a trial license.

UiPath RPA Academy

Create an account on UiPath Academy by following the instructions from here

The list of trainings to be completed:

  • Level 1 RPA Developer Foundation - revamped (mandatory)
  • Level 2 Orchestrator (recommended)

UiPath Go!

UiPath Go! is an open and transparent marketplace which creates an automation ecosystem as a way for organizations to access RPA building blocks – from reusable components to machine learning models – and underscores UiPath’s ongoing commitment to democratize RPA.

For publication on UiPath Go!, the application needs to go through an approval process, where the partners must present evidence of the Functional and Security testing performed, which is independent of the UiPath Technology Partnership Program approval process.

In order to become a Technology Partner on UiPath Go! please follow the instructions presented here.

Forum and Community

Leverage our vibrant RPA community and forum space by signing up on https://forum.uipath.com/ with your corporate email.
Our UiPath RPA community is a fast growing space with more than 250,000 members and counting, with a lot of talent, engaged discussions and support across the globe.

Enterprise Beta Program

Once you have a forum account, you can register to our Beta program and test our products before those are launched.
On https://forum.uipath.com/c/beta you will find:

  • Latest product release features highlights & walk-through presentation recording
  • Download link for the first build for testing - we strongly recommend to install it in a testing environment.
  • Enterprise Beta Program Terms & Conditions – this governs your participation in the Beta Program
  • Beta testing guide available at https://forum.uipath.com/t/about-the-enterprise-beta-program-category-testing-guide/55119
  • Dedicated sections for feedback and issue reporting
    Also, check out #BetaFollow-up for more community input on this release.

Integration Support System

Partners with Certified and above level of partnerships have access to integrations support through a pool of technical architects that are reachable to our UiPath Help Center, in the dedicated UiPath Technology Partner field.

Each partner from those tier levels needs to delegate one or more people who will receive an invitation to create an account in the Help Center where one can raise requests and get help from areas like development support, custom activities support or security testing or other issues.